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ASK ME of the week:

Moriya from Los Angeles aksed:

I make a lot of sandwiches at home and I usually use mayo, mustard, hummus or butter etc. as a spread but I’m getting really bored with it all.. any other exciting ideas?


Hi Moriya! Exciting you want- exciting you’ll get.

Cook time: 12-15 min

Level: Easy


1 whole *soy chorizo (trust me, this thing is so well seasoned you don’t want to skip it!!)

Half of one onion, sliced into thin rings

3 tbs coconut oil

1 tbs Harissa paste (spicy!)

3 tbs tomato paste

Salt & pepper

Special equipment: Food processor


On high heat, heat coconut oil in medium skillet then add onions. Cook onions till they carmalize (about 5 min). Move onions around once in a while making sure they don’t burn- coconut oil heats up real quick!

Then add chorizo, break it down and mix with the onions. Cook for another minute. Then add Harissa, salt and pepper, mix again and let it cook for another minute.

Turn off heat and put all ingredients into a food processor and mix till all ingredients are evenly chopped. Then place mixture in bowl, add tomato paste, mix well with fork, check for salt and pepper and voila

** If the spread is too thick for you- add some olive oil. If it’s too thin- add more tomato paste.

Add it to your favorite sandwich or just slap it on some fresh baguette with some arugula! 

Let me know how it goes!  The Foodiator.

*The best soy chorizo for this recipe is available at Trader Joe’s.

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